Budget cuts impacting the HSE performance. It hits it from two points. the budget to educate works about HSE and also implementation budgets. The fact is you always need financing to what ever  need to be done. The other aspect is that in the actual operation mind set the focus is on doing the task fast and with less cost as possible. This means taking shortcuts to do just that with minimum outlook for HSE compared to the required or advised. HSE is a life style, and lifestyle alters with economy changes dramatically. It shouldn’t go down that road but unfortunately it does!

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عن Anwar Janbi

أهوى الادارة و أعشق مياة الخليج العربي، مدون و بودكاستر و متخصص بالمبيعات و تطوير الأعمال و ممارس للتصوير "أحاول" ، مجتهد في اثراء المحتوى العربي و مشاركة المعرفة، مؤمن في أهمية تطوير العنصر البشري و اثق فيه

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